Recipe: Mango Body Butter

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Recently I was faced with a dilemma. I went to the store to pick up my favorite body spray and lotion and MY scent had been discontinued. AHHH! Don’t you hate when that happens? I used to find a scent I liked, stock up, and not need to buy any for a few years (especially if I hit up a good sale). The only problem with that plan of action, is that if you don’t have to go to that store for years, you?re never informed when your fragrance is going to be pulled from the shelves and never restocked. Boo.

The upside to all of this is that I’ve been having a ball making my own products! Not many people realize just how simple it really is to whip up your own body lotion (and other body products for that matter). Today I’m making some body butter that only requires TWO ingredients.

Just TWO!!

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The two ingredients you’ll need will be a lotion base and a fragrance oil. There are SO many fragrance oils available and chances are, even your favorite perfume and body products from the store have been made into an oil. Awesome, right? That’s where this gets fun- the option of what you can make at home are endless!

For this recipe, I used unscented body butter base. It’s thick, creamy and wonderful.

For the fragrance, I’m using a mango scented oil. One of my all-time favorite body butters is mango scented- so today I’m trying my hand at making my own version.

Since I’m experimenting with different scents, I didn’t want to make a huge batch of mango scented lotion. I scooped out 1 cup of base from the jar and saved the remainder for another fragrance. I added 1 teaspoon of fragrance oil and stirred it together. Blending the oil into the lotion base can take a little work. Start with a folding motion to capture the oil in the lotion and then continue to stir vigorously to be sure the oil has been well distributed throughout the lotion.

Test the lotion on your hand to be sure you’re happy with the concentration of the fragrance. Mine was lightly scented, which I like, but you can add more oil if you want a heavier scent.


Scoop your finished product into a container with a lid and you as needed.

Wasn’t that easy???!!

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