Recipe: Long-Burning Emergency Candles

Long-Burning Emergency Candles

long burning emergency candles

This next recipe is basic. I mean, really basic. And it’s basic because it’s by no means fancy and meant for use during times of need (or, if you prefer non-scented candles- this can easily be your go-to recipe!). So, maybe it’s a blizzard outside. You’re bundled up with your family inside the house hibernating and waiting out the storm. And then the power goes out. Great. Just great. So, you quickly scurry around to find flashlights and candles, trying not to bump into walls or trip down the stairs. Can you picture yourself in this scenario? I sure can. And let me tell you, in my scenario I’m running into several walls, the coffee table, tripping over the dog, and more than likely falling down the stairs. Because I’m clumsy like that.

So, like I was saying, this recipe is perfect for situations just like that! Make a big batch and keep them in a place that you can easily access (even in the dark) and be prepared for the unexpected. Survival candles? as some have called them are unscented and long burning- as in 40 or more hours in an 8 ounce candle- which make them perfect to have around the house for the unexpected situations that we sometimes find ourselves in. They provide great emergency lighting and even a little extra heat if you burn a few in the same room. And when you break down the cost, they’re pretty darn cheap!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Soy Candle Wax

8 ounce jars

Wicks– I prefer the pre-waxed and tabbed wicks. It saves time and makes the process so simple!

-Double Boiler or similar set-up (like a large saucepan with a small one sitting on top of it)

-Spouted pouring container to make filling the jar a breeze

-Protective Gloves- Safety first!

Here’s how you’ll do it:

This really is SO simple! Really. Melt and pour- that’s basically all you’re doing. You can melt and pour as little or as much wax as you’d like because we’re not adding fragrance or color (no recipe to follow here!), so make as much as you need to fill the jars you have ready to use. And if you find a few more jars to fill up, just melt a little more wax. No big deal.

First prepare your jars by affixing the wicks to the inside of the jars (so that they don’t move around while you pour the wax) by using a glue dot or a tiny bit of hot glue.

Using your double boiler or similar set-up (or even the microwave!), melt the wax over medium heat until completely liquefied. Then, carefully transfer the melted wax to the pouring container and fill each jar leaving a little space between the wax and the top of the jar.

Once completely cooled, trim the wicks and place lids tightly on each jar. To maximize the hours of burning for each candle, use in 4 hour increments.

These candles are wonderful to make in big batches and store for emergency use. They’re easy to make, require just a few supplies, and can be made in just a few hours. So why not be prepared for life’s little surprises?!

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