Recipe: Homemade Craft Beer

Recipe: Homemade Craft Beer



I remember the first time I walked into store dedicated to home brewing – it was a little overwhelming. Shelves and shelves of different hops, malts, equipment and yeasts blended together in what appeared to me to be an extremely complicated process.

However, I was determined to learn the craft and after a couple minutes of talking to a store rep, I knew I could do it. I purchased my supplies and was on my way to my first 5 gallon batch of craft beer (approximately 53 Bottles).

Surprisingly, it was WAY SIMPLER than I ever would have ever thought. For my first go at it, I simply bought a Brewer’s Beast equipment kit and a Brewer’s Best IPA ingredient kit.

In the event you don’t want to buy the whole equipment kit, here’s a brief overview of the basic equipment you’ll need which is all included in the Brewer’s Best Kit.


Brew pot (AKA a stainless steel stock pot).



Bottling bucket


Bottle Capper & Caps


Empty Beer Bottles (only thing not included, but you simply use left overs from beer you drank. They are also available in our store.)


Here’s a brief overview of the process:

Boil water + ingredients = Wort. Cool the wort then add water & yeast (this takes about 2 hours)

Relax for 2 weeks (this is when the magic happens)

Put your beer in bottles with a little sugar (should take about 1 hour)

Relax for 2 more weeks (this is when the fizz comes in)

Chill and enjoy!

Now obviously this is an over simplified version of the process, but don’t lament! Our Brewer’s Best Equipment kits come with everything the aspiring home brewer needs to get started (besides the empty beer bottles- You’d better get to work on emptying some of those). And the ingredient kits not only include the ingredients and yeast, but the bottle caps, sanitizer and some awesome easy to follow instructions (really, the instructions are super easy to follow). The folks over at Brewer’s Best put together an amazing package that makes your leap into home brewing simple and fun!

The Muntons Premium, Connoisseur and Gold ingredient kits are also great. They are inexpensive and the easiest way to make beer at home. Even easier than the Brewer’s Best, but much more basic. With pre-hopped malt extract simply add to hot water, toss in some sugar and the supplied yeast and BEER! So what are you waiting for?

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