Recipe: Handmade Buttercream Candles

When I walk into my favorite candle store at the mall, I’m immediately overwhelmed. Apple, coffee, clean laundry, oh my! So many scents! Its sensory overload and I don’t know which way to go and what smell to smell. Then, I resort to walking the entire store inch by inch to smell each and every jar, lose track of which smells I liked and didn’t like, and walk out with a candle induced headache. Just me? Well, when too many option leave me reaching for a bottle of aspirin, I reach for my go-to scents. The ones I know I love and will enjoy in my home time and time again.

Among my go-to candle fragrances is always buttercream. It’s light and sweet without being too much. It’s similar to vanilla, but steps it up a notch. The great thing about making your own candles, is that you can completely avoid the sensory overload of going to the store and sniffing a million different fragrances. I know what I like, it takes an hour of my time, and I save a ton of money. I mean, a TON. Do the math with the breakdown of supply costs compared to the cost of a name brand candle. It’s crazy.

So, here’s my go-to candle recipe for my copycat buttercream candle that I used to buy at the mall. I can’t believe how simple it is or how I ever paid the money I did for store bough candles rather than making my own! Maybe I was the crazy one.

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Handmade Buttercream Candles

1 oz. Buttercream Fragrance Oil

1 lb. CB-Advanced Soy Candle Wax (I really like this one!)

Pre-waxed candle wicks

3- 8oz Country Comfort Jars or 1- 24oz Country Comfort Jar

First, prep your candle jars. You know how to do this- place the wicks inside the jars and position the wicks in the center. Use a glue dot or a dot of hot glue to affix the bottom of the wick to the inside of the jar (that way it won’t move around when you pour the hot wax into the jar). To make sure the wick stays straight, you can place a pencil or Popsicle stick on the top of the jar and tape the end of the wick to it to stabilize while you pour the wax and during cooling.

Next, melt the candle wax. Remember, 1 ounce of wax (about 5 cups or so) will yield about three 8 ounce candles or one 24 ounce candle. Break out the double boiler or glass bowl on top of the sauce pan and melt over medium heat, stirring during the process. Once melted, check the temperature with a cooking or candy thermometer to be sure it’s reached 185 degrees.

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Now it’s time to stir in your fragrance oil. Remove the wax from the heat and stir in the fragrance oil making sure it’s well blended throughout the mixture Pour the mixture into your prepped container (s) and allow to sit overnight before using. Be sure to trim the wick once the candle has cooled and set so that it’s not sticking out of the jar when you go to burn it.

Enjoy your homemade better-than-store-bought candle bliss! You’ll wonder why you haven’t tried this sooner, I promise!

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