Recipe: Chocolate Peppermint Coffee Dippers

Chocolate Peppermint Coffee Dippers

coffee peppermint coffee dippers

It’s no secret- chocolate and peppermint go together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Like mac and cheese. Like Oreos and milk?. And it’s also no secret that it’s one of my favorite combinations. I like it in candy (did you see the Peppermint Bark recipe? Mmmm?), I like it in hot cocoa (just a drop or two of Peppermint Essential Oil will make your hot chocolate DEVINE), I like the scent burning away in a candle. I just plain like it. You too? Great- we can be friends 🙂

This time of year, peppermint is everywhere. A fan favorite version is the candy cane. I mean, a candy cane just screams Christmas, right? Candy canes are wonderful for decorating and baking and make a seasonal statement in just about anything they’re used in. Probably why Santa hands them out. Today I?m using them to make adorable coffee (or hot cocoa) dippers to give to my co-workers. They’re super easy, and make for a cute little gift during the holiday season. To make them extra special- I used a little Peppermint Essential Oil to kick up the flavor!

Here’ what you need:

-Candy Canes (the red and white striped kind)

-Dark Melting Chocolate

-White Melting Chocolate

Peppermint Essential Oil

-Clear Plastic Bags and Ribbon

1. Start by melting your chocolate using either a double boiler (or similar set up) or the microwave (in short increments, being careful not to burn the chocolate).

2. Once melted, remove the chocolate from the heat and add 2-4 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil (more or less depending on your taste). Stir to blend.

3. Dip the straight ends of the candy canes into the chocolate covering about 1/2 of the candy cane, leaving the curved end exposed. Repeat this step a few times for each candy cane so that you build up a thick coating of chocolate.

4. With the chocolate still warm, roll the dipped ends into the crushed candy cane bits and set on a rack to cool.

5. While this layer is cooling, melt the white chocolate in the same manner as above, and drizzle over the dipped ends for a beautiful layered look.

Place a few dipped candy canes in a clear bag, and tie with some festive holiday ribbon. Everyone will enjoy swirling these through their coffee or hot chocolate and will love the minty taste that’s infused through their warm beverage! And when the coffee is gone, they’re delicious to eat!


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