Quick Potpourri Recipe

Quick Potpourri Recipe

Quick Potpourri Recipe 1

I was walking though my house and realized I needed a little change… nothing big but something that really stands out. Then it hit me! Potpourri is really pretty. And it smells really good. It makes any space feel a little more dressed up. It can also make a nice gift. Now a days there are tons of different options – colors and textures that you can really customize it. We’ve even added essential oils to give a great fragrance!


Really. So, so easy!

Make a great big batch or just enough for a little display- it will take just a few minutes. That’s it!

Quick Potpourri Recipe 2

Bulk Apothecary makes creating your own potpourri blend simple. You can choose your own botanicals, making your creation something all your own- OR you can use a pre-mixed blend making your life so simple!

Quick Potpourri Recipe 3

Pair your botanical blend with a favorite fragrance oil and that’s it! All you need for beautiful, fragrant potpourri in minutes. This Wildberry Tulip fragrance oil pairs wonderfully with all of the pretty petals I chose for my guest bathroom. It smells so good!

Quick Potpourri Recipe 4

Spread your botanicals out in an even layer over a paper towel.

Quick Potpourri Recipe 5

Next, add the fragrance oil to the botanicals. You can do this by dripping a few drops of the oil over the petals, or you can place some of the fragrance oil in a spray top bottle and spritz the mixture.

Quick Potpourri Recipe 6

Allow the oil to soak into the botanicals and dry, then scoop into an open container for immediate use or a lidded container or sealed bag for gifting!

I told you it was easy! 🙂


Ingredients Used:

Wildberry Tulips Fragrance Oil

Lilac Hibiscus Pods

Lavender Tulip Flowers

Natural Arjun Minis

8 oz. Country Kitchen Jar and Cap





Quick Potpourri Recipe

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