Lemon Cream Lotion Recipe

Lemon Cream Lotion Recipe 1

Today’s recipe couldn’t be easier- really.

With only two ingredients, it takes no time at all to whip up your favorite scented lotions at home! Bulk Apothecary’s Body Butter base is smooth, creamy and luxurious- requiring no additional ingredients! Just add a little fragrance and you’ve got the perfect moisturizing blend made right in your own home.

Here’s how!

Lemon Cream Lotion Recipe 2

You’ll need:

Unscented Body Butter/Heavy Cream Base

Lemon Crème Fragrance Oil (or whatever scent you’d like!)

Electric Mixer

Jar/Container for finished product

Lemon Cream Lotion Recipe 3

Today I was making a small batch, so from the 1 lb. container of body butter base, I used about half. You can absolutely scent the entire 1 lb. tub if you’d like, or you can split it like I did and save the second half for a different fragrance.

To my half pound of base I added 1 tsp. of Lemon Crème fragrance oil. It smells so light and fresh and sweet!

Lemon Cream Lotion Recipe 4

Using an electric mixer, beat the two ingredients together.

Lemon Cream Lotion Recipe 5

Scoop into a lidded container for storage and enjoy! I packaged mine in small jars that way they’re easy to toss into a purse and use for hand cream.

Lemon lotion is the perfect summer product to toss into your bag and go!

Lemon Cream Lotion Recipe 6

Lemon Cream Lotion Recipe


Author: Cat

11 thoughts on “Lemon Cream Lotion Recipe

  1. If I were to add lemon peel powder to this, would the dried peel powder have skin brightening affects as fresh lemons do?

  2. how long will creams and bath salts?

    It is August when should I make bath bombs for Christmas, I read that not make them too far in advance is this true and if so why.

    1. Creams and bath salts will last 2-3 weeks without a preservative. You can make bath bombs 4 weeks before Christmas since they tend to evaporate.

      Hope this helps Rose!

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