Epsom Salt Holiday Decor Recipe

Epsom Salt Holiday Decor Recipe 1

Epsom salt has a variety of benefits and uses, but did you know that it could be used for decorating as well?!

Since the crystals are coarse and larger in size than regular salts, Epsom salts are PERFECT for creating snowy effects on everyday items for a fun, holiday look! With a little craft adhesive and a brush, you can take candles and votive glasses from plain to winter wonderland in just a few minutes.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and the kids can join in on this fun project!

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For the snow covered votive glasses I used 14 oz., studio jars. These are larger on the bottom and gradually get narrower at the top. They’ll hold a votive size candle and leave plenty of space for snowy décor!

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For both the votive glasses as well as the candles, you’ll need a good craft adhesive. I used some Mod Podge from my local craft store, but any craft adhesive that dries clear should do the job. You’ll also need a cheap brush that you don’t mind tossing in the trash once you’re done.


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Start by brushing the adhesive on the jar. I went about ¾ of the way up, but you can cover the entire jar if you’d like.

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Liberally cover the adhesive with Epsom salt. Tap the jar lightly to knock off any excess and set the jar aside to dry. Since I didn’t completely cover the jars with the salt, I flipped the jars over to dry, setting the clean rim on the counter (I placed a piece of parchment paper down for drying to avoid any messes on my countertop).

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For my candles I simply repeated the same steps. I used plain white pillar candles from the craft store and used varying heights since I plan to scatter them among the décor on my dining room table. You could also use the LED candles (I LOVE the ones with timers!).


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Coat with adhesive…

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…roll in Epsom salts.

Tap off the excess and set aside to dry. You could also finish these with a coat of spray adhesive or lacquer to ensure that you don’t lose any salt over the holiday season.


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Beautiful snow covered votive glasses and candles!

All done with Epsom Salt! Who knew?! This project is so simple and the results are so perfect for the holiday season. You can scatter these all over your home for the perfect wintery touch or package them up for adorable gifts that everyone will love!



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Items Used:

Epsom Salt

Craft Adhesive

Foam Brush

14 oz. Studio Jar

White Pillar Candles



Epsom Salt Holiday Decor Recipe

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