Beard Oil Recipe

Beard Oil Recipe 1

Alright guys, this recipe couldn’t be any easier.


Bulk Apothecary carries a pre-blended hair and beard oil that’s PERFECT for the bearded man in your life! You can use it as a base and add to it- but it already smells fantastic with Tea Tree Essential Oil, Orange Bitter Essential Oil, and Peppermint Supreme Essential Oil!

So you can “make” a gift for Dad even if you don’t have the time to actually make the gift!

Beard Oil Recipe 2

Here’s what you’ll need:

Hair & Beard Oil Base

Cobalt Blue Boston Round Bottle

Black Dispensing Cap

Circle Brown Kraft Labels

Beard Oil Recipe 3

Using a funnel, fill the bottle with the beard oil. The beard oil comes in a 16 oz. bottle, so depending on the size of the boston round bottle you use, you could fill more than one bottle (I’m using an 8 oz. Boston Round).

Beard Oil Recipe 4

Secure the dispensing cap on the bottle. You can use a different closure if you’d like, but I’ve found that this one works best with oils.

Beard Oil Recipe 5

Make a cute label. Get creative! I found this clipart image online and transferred it to my label- I think it turned out great!

Beard Oil Recipe 6

Attach the label to the bottle and finish it off with some raffia for a rustic, manly alternative to giftwrap.

Wasn’t that easy?!

It probably took about 5 minutes from start to finish! Anyone can squeeze in 5 minutes to make a thoughtful, homemade gift for Dad (or for any bearded guy you may know!).

Happy Father’s Day!

Beard Oil Recipe 7




Beard Oil Recipe

25 Comments on “Beard Oil Recipe

  1. If you didn’t want to use the premixed oil, but mix your own, what oils and go what quantities should one use?

  2. My carrier oil formula for beard oil is equal parts of four oils (sweet almond,jojoba,argan and grape seed). I have this pre mixed to pour into 1oz bottle then add my essential oils. I am now trying to create a beard oil recipe to chase bugs away. Do you have any recommendations on how many drops per oz to use of the bug be gone mix of essential oils (citronella,lemongrass etc) that you sell?

    • A general range of 0.5 oz to 1 oz of Essential or Fragrance oil per gallon of base is suggested.

  3. Which essential oils do you recommend adding to the beard oil for the manly man?

  4. Can you give me a good recipe for a beard oil that is not pre-mixed along with how many drops of essential oil that would be added please.

  5. Do you sell beard oil recipes? We are making in-house beard oil for our barbershop and wanted to use a formula that has been tested and appreciated.

    Many thanks

    • I apologize, we do not sell a beard oil recipe, but if you’re interested in creating something custom you can contact us using with your proposal.

  6. How would you describe the scent of this oil? Fresh? Woodsy? Earthy? Citrus? just as an example? Thank you.

    • It smells like citrus with mild earthy and mint tones.; hope this helps!

  7. Hi do you prefer this lid over say a dropper lid? Also, is it ok to store beard oil in plastic containers??

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