Sports Massage Don’t Fall For The Up Sell

Sports Massage Don’t Fall For The Up Sell

I was recently booking a massage appointment when the receptionist asked if I would like to try the new Sports Massage. As an active person myself, I wondered what this would entail. A sports massage is fantastic if you are an athlete, but it isn’t entirely necessary when taking a trip to the spa. You see, a traditional sports massage is nothing more than a Swedish massage with occasional deep pressure on your injured areas. If you have injuries, you should certainly stay away from a massage completely and see a doctor. If you have a little soreness and want it to be worked on, I recommend going with the classic massage and asking the therapist to focus on that area.


A sports massage is often just an up-sell. Spas are able to charge anywhere from $30-$50 more for this treatment than a classic, for the same amount of time. Spa’s will tell you that a different oil is used, and that could be true. But if you are money-conscious like myself, you’re better off going with the classic and bringing your own product to the appointment. For instance, you can schedule a classic/Swedish massage for $30 less, and bring your own Muscle Freeze to the appointment. Just ask the therapist to apply that product to your affected area during the treatment and you just saved yourself enough money for lunch and a good dinner!


Some therapists really do offer a better massage for the higher price, but the majority of chain spas are simply trying to get more money out of you. Be aware of what you’re spending on, and if at all possible, avoid the hidden costs. Most men will go in to booking a massage and immediately go for the “sports massage” because it sounds more masculine. Spas capitalize off this and will often book you with the same therapist you would get if you got a classic. Point is, just be aware and do not be afraid to ask the spa or the massage therapist questions! They are serving you, so if you want to use a different lotion or oil, bring your own massage lotion or even a massage grape seed oil or check with the location to ensure this is possible. You want to listen to something specific? Ask if you can bring your iPod and plug it in during the treatment. For how much money it is to get a fancy spa treatment, I’m shocked at how scared people are to specialize it to their liking. Be a smart consumer, and you will be happy EVERY TIME!



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5 thoughts on “Sports Massage Don’t Fall For The Up Sell

  1. I understand your intent in this posting, however, as a massage therapist of over 12 years I find it a bit insulting.
    When I offer Sports Massage to my clients it is definitely quite different than my regular massage and geared specifically toward specific sports and the athletes’ goals. it is not a way for me to simply get more money out of my clients.
    Unfortunately, there are other therapists out there that do possibly create a stigma for our profession but I am confident that the majority of us do truly care about giving our clients an exceptional massage.

  2. Being a massage therapist myself I feel it important for people to be educated when going to ANY massage therapist that offers different styles of massage. Always ask questions about how the modalities differ, its your money why waste it.

  3. Yes I find this post quite insulting as well…I am to a massage therapist, and purchase all my products here, So I am not sure who this post is supposed to be geared towards. Therapist do offer different modalities, and are able to charge extra for extra work/energy that is put into each session. Why this post exists here, especially under massage/spa advice, beats ME! Disappointed

  4. The massages I give, are pain specific. That is, it’s directed towards the healing and relief of pain and (or) inflamation. I offer it ONCE. I generally get requests by referrals because what I do works. I don’t try to upsell, I enjoy healing. I also don’t fit the image of a masseuse.

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