Botanical Infused Massage Oil Recipe

Botanical Infused Massage Oil Recipe

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to change up your massage oils, look no further. This recipe for infused massage oil is to die for. It’s so simple and yields such a lovely product people will be wondering where you bought it! Bonus?It’s SO easy to make and you can completely customize it using whatever type of dried blooms you’d prefer. With a two-step process, it does require some patience- but the bottle of oil filled with petals looks so elegant sitting on the windowsill you won’t even mind. Be sure to choose a pretty bottle for the infusing process because it makes the recipe so much more fun to do! As I mentioned before, you can infuse any type of dried petals you’d like to. I went with rose petals simply because I had a bag of them on hand- but I think lavender buds would be perfect too. The end result is a silky, heavenly scented oil that will glide over the skin leaving it silky smooth.

Botanical Infused Massage Oil Recipe

Start with dried petals. I used Red Rose Buds & Petals, but you can use any type of botanical or combination of petals you’d like to.

The Red Rose Buds & Petals from Bulk Apothecary are so beautiful! The pack contains a TON (way more than it looks like) of gorgeous, full buds and petals that smell amazing.

Now remember, above I mentioned to be sure to start your infusion in a PRETTY bottle (because it’s way nicer to look at as it infuses). I, however, forgot to pick one up when I was at the store, sooooo my grapeseed oil and blooms infused in a pyrex bowl with the lid on. Oh well. It worked just as well…just not as fancy. Simply pour the oil over the dried botanicals, cover with a lid, and place in an area where the sun will hit the mixture.

After the blooms have sufficiently soaked and infused the grapeseed oil (the longer the better), it’s time to add the additional oils to the mix.

Strain the soaked botanicals from the oil and discard.

Add the Vitamin E, Bay, and Rose Geranium Essential oils to the rose infused oil.

Blend oils together and place in a bottle or airtight container for storage.

That’s it! Isn’t this oil WAY better than the boring massage oil sitting in your bathroom cabinet? I think so!

Here’s the recipe to follow.

Botanical Infused Massage Oil

Rose oil infusion:

1 part Dried Red Rose Buds and Petals
2 parts Grapeseed Oil

Glass Bottle (a pretty one!!)

Combine the rose petals and the oil in the bottle and allow to sit in a sun drenched area (like a windowsill) for at least 24 hours, but preferable 2-4 days. When you are done infusing the oil, strain the petals and reserve the infused oil for the second step of the massage oil.

Massage oil:

4 oz. Rose Oil Infusion
5 drops Geranium Essential Oil
5 drops Bay Essential Oil
1 tsp. Vitamin E

Add essential oils and vitamin E to infused oil and blend. Keep in a lidded bottle and massage into the skin as needed.

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  1. Do you always have to use geranium and bay oils or is that just preference for this particular rose massage oil?

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