Valentine Bath Salt Recipe

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Happy (Almost) Valentine’s Day, Bulkers!



Do you know what you’re giving your sweetie this year? How about the kid’s teachers? The school bus driver, babysitter, neighbors? However long your list may be, I’ve got a few simple recipes that will be perfect!


Sometimes even the smallest gesture on a special day like Valentine’s Day can make the biggest impact. Simple, homemade gifts are quick and easy to make (even on the busiest days!) and are often times the most thoughtful and appreciated!


This recipe requires only a few ingredients, comes together in minutes, and is a great project that the kids can help make!

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Valentine Bath Salts


1 Cup Dead Sea Salts

1/2 tsp Sparkling Berry Punch Fragrance Oil

Red Soap Color (optional)


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This fragrance oil smells delicious! Fresh and fruity- just like punch. You can use any fragrance oil or essential oil that you’d like with this recipe. It’s simple to customize and easy to double or triple the recipe quantity.

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Add the fragrance oil to the salt. This amount can be adjusted to suite your preferences or the oil you use, but for this particular oil I found that 1/2  teaspoon gave the bath salts the perfect aroma.

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Thoroughly blend the fragrance oil into the salts. At first the oil will clump, but as you continue to mix, the oil will evenly blend throughout the mixture.

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This next step is completely optional. You don’t have to color your bath salts, they’re wonderful with just the fragrance oil, but adding color DOES make the finished product really pretty! Just remember that if you add color to the salts, the salts will color your bath water when you use them. In this case, the bath water will end up looking just like the fragrance name- Fruit Punch!

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To color the salts, just use a soap coloring product. You can use a dry product like mica powder, or liquid soap colors that blend in like food coloring (just a few drops will do the trick!).

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Carefully transfer the finished bath salts to a lidded container or bottle (for bottles with narrow necks, a funnel works great!). I found these adorable valentine apothecary bottles at a local craft store. I also packaged some in mason jars finished with printed labels and red ribbon. Easy and perfect for the holiday!




Recipe: Valentine Bath Salts


Valentine Bath Salt Recipe

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  1. I am interested in starting my own bath product and soap business.I would like to get information on what I need to get started. As in products I should start with. Thank you

    1. The bath salts are designed to be put into molds as they are looser. We would recommend using the molds for soaps or lotion bars.

  2. I like to just use a little Himilayan Pink Salt in the bath salts to give it some pink color mixed in with the white. That way I am not adding any chemicals or anything.

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