Caramel Apple Scrub Recipe

Caramel Apple Scrub Recipe 1

Fall is in the air!

And so are apples.

Apples are basically a symbol of fall (along with everything pumpkin). Apple picking, apple orchards, apple pie, apple butter- you name it, and there’s an apple version of it this time of year!

So, why not a scrub? Right?

This recipe is super simple to make and will leave your mouth watering for a tasty apple treat! Oh, and it will leave your skin silky and smooth too.

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Caramel Apple Scrub Recipe 2

Using pre-mixed bases makes this recipe a breeze to make! You can make as little or as much as you’d like and customize it to be the perfect consistency for you!

I prefer my scrubs to be more on the wet side, so when I’m blending the salt mixture with the oil mixture I use a 2:1 ratio. Two parts dry, 1 part wet. You can adjust this to make your scrub exactly what you’re looking for.

Caramel Apple Scrub Recipe 3

Blend the two ingredients together being sure that all of the dry pieces get well coated with the oil.

Caramel Apple Scrub Recipe 4

Next, add in the fragrance oil. Start with a small amount, thoroughly blend it into the mixture, and then assess whether you need more. Fragrance oils can differ in strength so it’s always good practice to start with a little and work your way up until you’ve achieved your desired scent.

Caramel Apple Scrub Recipe 5

This fragrance oil is DELICIOUS! It’s the perfect fall scent- sweet, sugary apple!

Caramel Apple Scrub Recipe 6

To make this scrub a little more fall festive, I added a little color. You can make yours any color you’d like, but I thought this dark red was perfect for the time of year. It even blends in with my fall leaves!

To add color to your scrub, use a mica powder or a liquid soap color.

Caramel Apple Scrub Recipe 7

Scoop your scrub into a lidded jar for storage and enjoy! Using a lidded jar with a great seal will ensure that your scrub maintains its consistency and holds onto the fragrance.

I’m sure you’re going to LOVE this one!

Caramel Apple Scrub Recipe 9


Unscented Dead Sea Salt Scrub Base

Unscented Sugar/Salt Scrub Oil Base

Caramel Apple Fragrance Oil

Red Oxide Pigment Powder or Liquid Soap Color

Mini Heremes Jar






Caramel Apple Scrub Recipe

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