Natural Throat Spray for Sore Throat Recipe

Natural Throat Spray for Sore Throat Recipe

Today’s blog will be continuing with our cold and flu recipes, we have an all-natural remedy for that pesky sore throat. If you’re like my hubby, being sick is the end of the world! Anything I can do to ease his pain will help. So I’ve come up with this recipe just for him but it’s great for me too! As always, you can adjust depending on your sensitivity to the ingredients. Also, use with caution as essential oils are quite strong. You will want to check with your physician before taking any pure oils internally. With that out of the way, on to the recipe!

Natural Throat Spray for Sore Throat Recipe New


Plastic Bottle with Sprayer (Bulk Apothecary has various sprayers available to fit the bottles)

15 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

5 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

1/4 Cup of Lemon Juice

1/4 Cup of Water


Just mix the essential oils, other liquids and fill into spray bottle. Spray into back of throat as needed. Store the mixture in the refrigerator for up to 14 days.

This is a great alternative method to the over-the-counter sprays that are sold during cold/flu season. Lemon essential oil is a known throat soother, and the peppermint essential oil will help counter-balance the scent, as well as help sooth any redness and inflammation.

*Be sure to use a brand new bottle/sprayer. If you use an old sprayer or bottle, the previous product will still have some debris left and may not mix well with the oils. In addition, it will ensure you aren’t ingesting anything dangerous.

It’s just that easy and you’re on your way to feeling better and getting back to your everyday life 🙂 Be sure to drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest!!

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Natural Throat Spray for Sore Throat Recipe

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