Gardening with Essential Oils

Gardening with Essential Oils

It’s springtime here in Ohio and my green thumb is ready to start planting. My garden bed is ready for some tasty got tomatoes, cucumbers, and broccoli! My flowerbed is getting some lilac, tulip, and hydrangea plants 🙂 So to prepare you, we are here with some tips! Essential oils are fantastic, blah, blah, blah…you know the drill. They work for SO many different things. Below you will find some tips on mixing essential oils together to help fight off fungus and those bugs that come around and eat all your plants!

Mildew/Fungus Protection:

Mix 10 drops of Patchouli Essential Oil OR Tea Tree Oil with 1 gallon of water into a container with a sprayer.

Insect Protection:

If you are having trouble with bugs eating your crops, just use 4-7 drops of essential oil with 1 gallon of water in a spray container. Match the problematic bug with the oil.

*Alternatively, you can soak a string in the essential oil solution and string among the garden to get rid of flying insects.

Ants– Peppermint Essential Oil

Beetles– Peppermint Essential Oil

Chiggers– Lavender Essential Oil

Flies– Basil Essential Oil OR Rosemary Essential Oil

Mosquitos– Lavender Essential Oil OR Lemongrass Essential Oil

Moths– Lavender Essential Oil

Slugs– Cedarwood Essentail Oil

Spiders– Peppermint Essential Oil

Ticks– Lavender Essential Oil OR Thyme Essential Oil

Weevils– Patchouli Essential Oil

Fire Ants– Mix 1 teaspoon of liquid hand soap with 6 oz. of Sweet Orange Essential Oil and 1 gallon of water. Pour on the ground where the ants have built their mound.

Gardening with Essential Oils

And simple as that you have a rejuvenated garden of fresh flowers, ripe vegetables, and delicious fruit. I know I’m ready to use these in my gardens and I’ll be passing this to all my friends and family!

Gardening with Essential Oils

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