Five Tips to Help Men Lose Weight

When it comes to the population of American adults over the age of 20, one-third is overweight and considered obese. Most people who are overweight don’t want to be that way and are even trying to lose the excess weight. One of the problems with men and women dieting is that men are a bit shyer about joining support groups or signing up for some sort of weight loss program. Men, however, need just as much help as any woman dealing with weight loss issues. Here are five great tips and practical suggestions that can help men lose weight.

Get In Step

In order to lose weight and be healthy, it is recommended that people get 10,000 steps in a day. There are great, creative ways to get these in each day. Try parking far away in a parking lot so that you put in some extra distance getting to your desired location. Another way is to always take the stairs or spend your lunch break taking a walk. This will allow you to get your heart rate up in a very simple way.



It isn’t always as easy as tracking the things you eat and exercising. Sometimes you need a bit more help and oils can provide that extra push. Essential oils like peppermint have been researched to show that it can help reduce appetite and curb cravings. Individuals who inhale peppermint oil consume an average of 3,000 calories less per week than those who did not. Just inhaling this powerful oil will help you to feel full and less deprived. Another helper oil is lemon. Extracted right from the rind of the fruit, lemon oil properties help dissolve fat and clear the toxins held in fat cells. It can be used internally through ingestion, topically or even aromatically. Adding a drop into a glass of water can help boost your metabolism or you can rub it on your skin to help tighten it. Ocotea Oil is the last of the weight blasting oils and helps to control blood glucose levels, curb food cravings and lower cortisol levels.

Drink More Water

Drinking water is like ensuring your body is a well oiled machine. If you don?t treat your body right, it will be hard to get the results that you really want to see. Metabolic rates have been shown to steadily increase as your drink more water. Simply cutting the extra sugar that comes in other drink options and staying away from the soda pop has been known to drastically affect your weight loss.

Go the Extra Mile(s)

When most people get on an exercise regimen, they often take the weekends off. If you just add one of the days into your plan, you can get that much closer to your goals. It is also beneficial to add some weight lifting into your program. It increases the metabolism to have more muscle mass and helps increase strength as well. You shouldn’t overlook cardio either. Use both of these exercises in your daily routine to really benefit your overall health.

Cutting Calories

With the last step, there really is no way around it: in order to lose weight, you have to cut the amount of calories consumed on a daily basis. There are some tricks that can really go a long way, such as ordering salad dressing on the side when eating a salad. If you dip your fork in the dressing before spearing any salad, not only is there less dressing, but since it hits your tongue first, you don’t lose any flavor. You can also try drinking a protein shake before going to a party or buffet where you may be tempted by a lot of food. The protein will help you feel full longer and help curb any temptations.

You Can Do It

By following these few simple steps, you can be well on your way to achieving your goals and dropping the pounds. Don’t be afraid to let others know about your goals and get them involved in the process. The important thing to remember is that you are trying to better not only your life, but your friend’s and family’s as well. Good luck!

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