Five Fragrance Oils that will Make Your Day Better

Autumn Harvest Fragrance Oil

Never underestimate the power of smell. This sense is probably one of the strongest because even just a small whiff of a familiar aroma can bring back memories and feelings in an instant. Scents have so much influence on the mind and mood, which means they are a great way to brighten your day. Some of the best smells are going to be those that remind you of home or a fun memory.

Baking a loaf of banana bread or juicing oranges is a lot of work just to get that nice aroma in your home, but there is an easy way to still create those smells. Essential oils are tiny bottles, but they have a really big scent. Infusing potpourri, placing oil in a warmer, or even just putting a few drops into a simmering pot of water on your stove are all simple ways disperse the scent throughout your home so you can start enjoying the wonderful, calming atmosphere.

1. Apple Walnut Crisp Fragrance Oil

Dessert is an indulgence that many people will spoil themselves with from time to time. Luxurious dining will often end in ordering a fun treat like apple walnut crisp. If you are looking for a scent that will settle in to the nooks and crannies of your home, making everything feel a bit more happy and special, the smell of such a fine dessert is the perfect oil for your needs.

pure apple fragrance oil

2. Autumn Harvest Fragrance Oil

The autumn is a time for holidays, family, and good food. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are brought in during the harvest season, becoming popular dishes and desserts. The main notes of this oil are those foods with warm, crisp orchard apples and sun-ripened oranges with fresh vanilla cream. It also includes the spices that accompany those like ground cloves and cinnamon. Step into your favorite autumn memories with this oil.

Autumn Harvest Fragrance Oil

3. Butt Naked Fragrance Oil

A tropical vacation, sitting naked and relaxed on your own private beach ? that is what this oil is meant to remind you of. If that is not a good enough explanation, you should probably know that there are fruity notes found here such as strawberry, coconut, and pineapple. There are also some traces of gardenia, pear, and vanilla. Imagine yourself with your feet up, sunbathing, and drinking your favorite slushy drink as you smell this aroma. Even on the coldest winter days this oil will be able to take you to the beach where life is a lot less stressful.

4. Banana Nutbread Fragrance Oil

Almost everyone buys bananas, but they go bad so fast that families can rarely eat the entire bunch. The most common thing that people do with bad bananas is make banana bread. Many children have experienced waking up to their mother pulling a fresh baked loaf of this out of the oven which is why this scent is often associated with being home or of someone’s mom. This oil placed in a warmer will send this scent and these memories throughout the room.

Banana Nutbread Fragrance Oil

5. Buttercream Icing Fragrance Oil

The smell of buttercream icing is celebration. This is because this is the most common type of frosting used on top of cakes. Naturally, this smell will remind you of any and all events that involve cakes birthdays, anniversaries, and other fun events. For all the times you have enjoyed a slice of heavenly cake, you will have fond memories flood your mind when you catch a whiff of this oil.

Pure Buttercream Icing Fragrance Oil

No matter what your preferences are, the perfect scent can really brighten your day and lighten your mood. The next time you are having a bad day, try recreating some of your favorite aromas and see how it can make all the difference.

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  1. nothing came up for the Buttnaked fragrance. i’m trying to make my own oils lotions chap stix , ect.. and would just like a lil help keeping it natural is the most important iteam for me, everytime someone suggest something I seem to have a reaction. I’ve found that if it’s hypoallergenic I’m usually safe, but i’d like a lil scent now an then too.

    1. There is a link if you click on the product in the recipe. Otherwise you can search for “butt naked fragrance oil” and it will come up. Just be sure to keep “butt naked” as two separate words. 🙂

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