Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Healing Propertieseucalyptus

For years, eucalyptus oil has been available in many different over the counter medications and creams. Some of the most common things it is included in are throat, cold and cough medicines, as well as being in muscle pain creams. It can even be found in some mouth washes. The main benefits of eucalyptus are to sooth sore throats, clear congestion and treat sicknesses like bronchitis and the flu. These are all easily treated with ointments, lozenges and vapors.

For muscle pains, this oil works great as a cream and has also been shown to help with boils, sores, arthritic pains and wounds. The reasons it is used in mouth wash are because eucalyptus has been shown to help with treating bad breath and preventing plaque and gingivitis due to its antiseptic power. One last fun remedy this oil has been used for is to repel insects. Lemon eucalyptus can even keep ticks away.


This plant is native to Australia and can grow to be 480 feet tall in ideal damp conditions with deep soil. Baron Ferdinand von Muller was a German botanist first made the benefits of this oil all over the world, as Director of the Botanical gardens in Melbourne between 1857 and 1873. He first suggested using the plant to help disinfect in certain ?fever districts.? One of the most fascinating discoveries came, however, when it was found that planting eucalyptus in marshy areas where malaria was present helped to dry up the ground.

Recent News

There haven’t been many new advances made in the uses of eucalyptus, but it has been featured quite commonly in the news, spotlighting the effectiveness it has had in fighting off the cold and flu. As far as safe and natural cures for these sicknesses go, eucalyptus is always at the top of the list because of its effectiveness. One recent development has shown that the most effective way to treat fevers is to rub the oil on the bottoms of the feet. Many people find it helpful to rub it onto their chest to clear congestion, while others will inhale the vapors instead. The eucalyptus plant is now grown all over the world and many are beginning to understand each of its benefits. From soaps to body washes, people are finding new ways to use this oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences in eucalyptus oils?

Approximately twenty-five species of eucalyptus plants are used for three different classes of oils. The two kinds that people are most familiar with are the medicinal (or cineol oils) and the aromatic oils. The third type is industrial oil which has terpenes in it. This oil is used for flotation purposes in the mining industry.

What can this oil be blended with?

The most successful blending of this oil is done with helichrysum oil, lemongrass, pine, lemon, lavender, tea tree, lime, rosemary, peppermint, thyme, black pepper, cedarwood, juniper, ginger, benzoin, juniper and bergamot.

Can this be used during pregnancy?

No. Due to the menthol content and strong aroma, this oil should be entirely avoided during pregnancy. Never take this oil orally either since it can be toxic.

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