Essential Oil Room and Linen Spray

Essential Oil Room and Linen Spray

Today we have a quick update for a room spray! This recipe is great for scenting your living room or kitchen, and it can also be used on linens.

1) The easiest method is to buy a room spray base that is already mixed. Bulk Apothecary has an unscented base available in various quantities. All you have to do it mix in your essential oil (or fragrance oil), put into a spray bottle and you are ready to go! We recommend starting with 1/2 ounce of fragrance or essential oil PER gallon of base. This is a starting point, and you can also mix in more or less depending on the strength of scent you are looking for. You can also use the base as a body mist by adding your favorite fragrance oil to it.

2) The second method is for those of you that want to create your own. This recipe calls for rubbing alcohol, so just be aware if you are using it on surfaces or furniture in which you don’t want affected.

Let’s get started with this essential oil room and linen spray!


Distilled Water

Spray Bottle– Be sure it is a new bottle as old ones will be filled with residue. Bulk Apothecary has bottles and sprayers available as well.

Rubbing Alcohol

Essential Oil/Fragrance Oil — You can use whatever oil you prefer. Lemon oils tend to be great for the kitchen, and they are known to scare off fruit flies. If you are looking for a fall scent, you can mix in pumpkin, OR use orange and cinnamon together for a spicy/seasonal fragrance. This is the part where you get creative with the oils!


Fill spray bottle 3/4 of the way with distilled water and 1/4 rubbing alcohol, with just a tiny bit of room at the top for the oils.

Add 8-10 drops of essential oil/fragrance oil. Mix and spray. Be sure to mix before each use and do not spray it around food! You can alter by JUST using distilled water without any rubbing alcohol if you prefer, but the texture will vary.

Essential Oil Room and Linen Spray


Essential Oil Room and Linen Spray

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17 thoughts on “Essential Oil Room and Linen Spray

    1. Unflavored pure vodka can possibly work, but not as well as rubbing alcohol. It would be best to stick to the rubbing alcohol, as the ethanol doesn’t evaporate as efficiently as in a high-concentration isopropyl alcohol.

      Hope this helps!

    2. If you’re concerned with solubilizing (which is what we want when making a spray with essential oils), then, yes, you can use grain vodka for its ethanol content. Ethanol combines the oil and water together so it becomes one unit.

      The amount of ethanol and concentration used in your product also matters: to properly “dissolve” the oils (difference in weight and viscosity) and be safe at the same time. Anytime you use water, there is always a concern with microbes – maybe not on the surface but definitely potential to grow in your spray. Maybe you don’t care about that because you go through it quickly and no one else is going to use your spray but, in case you do, there needs to be a minimum of 60% ethanol to properly preserve your spray. Also, I use 190 proof grain vodka.

  1. How can you make the scent last longer without using chemicals? are there natural preservatives that we can use? thanks

    1. Sorry, we do not carry natural preservatives. You can possibly try adding fixative essential oils like sandalwood, or cedarwood, with frankincense essential oil being best suited for citrus based fragrances. Though these may help, without the addition of aroma chemicals, dipropylene glycol (DPG), and so on, obtaining a long-lasting perfume/linen spray using natural additives will be a bit challenging in comparison.

    1. Hi Denise,
      This recipe is safe to use as a body/cologne spray and is safe for pets. There are several oils that are unsafe for pets and you will want to do your research prior to making this recipe. The lemon/citrus scents recommended in this article would be safe for your furry friends.

  2. So I am trying to make my own room spray. I just ordered essential oils and the unscented base. What size spray bottle do I use? And how much base do I use and how many drops of essential oil do I use? I think I may be confused. Thank you!

      1. Hi Daniel,
        I’m confused on your steps above. I bought the linen spray Ii unscented base and I thought I’m supposed to mix the oil in it. Yet the steps above instructed to use alcohol also and distilled water. Please help.

        1. Hello Erma,

          There are two methods; the first, which is the easiest, is to buy our linen spray which is already mixed and ready to add the oil; the second method is to create your own linen spray base. Since you’ve already purchased the linen spray base, you only need to add the Essential Oil/Fragrance Oil.

          Hope this helps!

          1. Thank you Daniel and you are right. I have your linen unscented base and I have a 2oz bottle. But my struggle is, how much oil do I need to put in? Help!!!’

    1. If you create your own linen spray base you will need to add a preservative; without a preservative in the second method it can last a couple days due to the water.

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