DIY Acne Treatment

DIY Acne Treatment

DIY Acne Treatment

Anyone who has battled acne (haven’t we all at some point?) could probably confirm this- if you’ve tried one product, you’ve tried them all. In fact, you probably have a drawer somewhere that’s full of half used over the counter, prescription, or TV ordered products that you purchased at some point hoping that their claims to rid you of those embarrassing little blemishes would be your saving grace. And chances are, they didn’t deliver.

Sound familiar?

Yep- we’ve all been there. Even if you’re not a person that’s suffered large scale breakouts, everyone has had an experience or two (or ten?) that’s left them reaching for some miracle in a bottle. Remember that big date that you were counting down the days for, and then you woke up on the day of to find a HUGE pimple on your chin? Ahhh!!!

Honestly- it’s happened to all of us.

So if you feel as if you’ve tried just about everything in your quest for clear skin, let me give you one more option: go natural. Yes, natural. Forget the drawer full of lotions and potions and all of their claims and reach for something a little less harsh- yet incredibly effective. While that may not sound like the miracle you’ve been waiting for, hear me out.

A dermatologist treats acne from the ground up, meaning that they want to target what’s causing the acne- not just the blemish that you see on the surface. Acne occurs after four things happen:
1. Dry cells and sebum collect and block the pore.
2. The sebum continues to build up behind the pore.
3. Bacteria then infect all of the buildup in and behind the pore.
4. Curative inflammation causes the condition to spread.

To stop this process, you need to fight bacteria and maintain hydrated skin. Often people assume that oil is the problem and attempt to over wash the skin and wipe out the oil, when actually that line of thinking will backfire. By over washing, you dry out the skin causing it will work overtime to try to produce more of the oil that you’ve washed off. So- you’ve created more of the problem you tried to avoid. Ugh. Well here’s two essential oils that may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. And here’s why-

Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is a natural defender of clear skin. It contains antibacterial and anti- microbial properties that kill bacteria and calm inflammation.

Jojoba Oil – This botanical extract is actually the closest thing to our own natural sebum (oil). So using it on your skin will help to balance out the oil (that contributes to acne) and slow your body’s production of more.

Combining these two essential oils together balances out your body’s oil production, fights build-up, and calms surface inflammation. Not only do they naturally fight the process of acne, they don’t dry out your skin like so many of the topical acne products do. AND- you’re not putting any chemicals or harsh ingredients on your precious skin. If you’ve already tried a slew of treatments without success, why not start at the root of the cause with an all natural remedy? Combine the two like this.

Using a Rollon Bottle or a standard capped bottle, fill about 40% of the bottle with Tea Tree Essential Oil. Add Jojoba Oil and fill the remainder of the bottle (about 60%) and shake to mix. With a rollon bottle, simple roll across the surface of the skin you want to treat, as needed. If you’re using a standard bottle, pour a small amount onto a cotton ball and wipe across skin. Use this as a spot treatment or across the entire surface of your face as a preventative measure daily, after cleansing.

Go natural. You’ll love the skin you’ll start to see.



DIY Acne Treatment

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