Body Butter for Stretch Marks and Scars

Body Butter for Stretch Marks and Scars

Body Butter for Stretch Marks and Scars Recipe

Stretch marks are always associated with pregnant women and women who have given birth. While pregnancy is a beautiful, exciting experience, it involves major changes to the body that sometimes result in scar-like marks where the baby bump has grown faster than the skin around it was prepared to. A post-baby body with stretch marks is something that every woman tries desperately to avoid. Ways to prevent stretch marks, minimize ones that have formed, and erase the ones that linger long after we’re done having children continues to be a hot topic among us girls. But did you know that men (and kids!) can get them too? It’s true! They can pop up during an adolescent growth spurt on the legs, arms, and back. They can form when young girls develop quickly, and when the guys are spending long hours at the gym pumping iron. If you have stretch marks, don’t feel bad. Chances are a lot of other people in your life have a few as well. So today we’re going to be whipping up a body butter for stretch marks and scars.

While we can erase the ones we have, we CAN minimize their appearance and be proactive about forming new ones. There are numerous products that claim to do the job, but did you know how easy it is to whip up your own? By using ingredients that are known to stimulate cell growth and regeneration, rejuvenate collagen production, and lock in moisture in the skin, you can make your very own miracle cream! The steps are easy, the end product is shelf stable for up to six months, and it smells AMAZING! You don’t have to be expecting to enjoy the effects of this creamy body butter. Massage it regularly into scars to minimize their appearance or use it proactively as your nightly lotion to prevent future stretch marks and skin irregularities!


8oz. Refined Shea Butter

1oz. Avocado Oil (can also use Refined Cocoa Butter)

1 tablespoon Rosehip Seed Oil

4 tablespoons Neroli Essential Oil

50 drops Lavender Essential Oil

5-10 drops Frankincense Essential Oil


  1. Place the shea butter and avocado oil (or cocoa butter) in a large glass bowl along with the rosehip seed oil.
  2. Place glass bowl over a pan filled 1/3 of the way full with water and melt slowly (stirring frequently) on low, until mixture begins to get soft.
  3. Remove from heat.
  4. Quickly add the remaining essential oils and beat with a whisk until the mixture is light and fluffy.
  5. Transfer with a spatula into clear plastic jars with caps. This mixture will make slightly over 8oz of body butter, so divide into the jar sizes that you desire.
  6. Massage into your growing baby bump, the guys biceps, any stretch marks or scars, and all over your kids!


Body Butter for Stretch Marks and Scars Recipe

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        1. So, I use a measuring cup. Also, is it really 4 Tbsp of Neroli EO? That seems like an awful lot! Wouldn’t the dilution be too high?

    1. We highly recommend consulting a medical professional before using any type of treatment/medicine, pregnant or not.

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