Baby Friendly Essential Oils

Baby Friendly Essential Oils

Baby Friendly Essential Oils


Essential oils are without a doubt, one of mother nature’s greatest accomplishments. The sheer quantity of oils derived from natural products like plants and flowers is impressive- but the benefits are endless.

Acting as anti-aging serums, to digestive aides, to common cure-alls there are so many reasons to incorporate the use of natural oils into your life. Aside from the benefits our body receives, our wallet will benefit too! A little bit goes a loooong way, which makes replacing items in your home, pantry, and medicine cabinet with essential oils an extremely cost-effective change!

As adults, our bodies can withstand a lot. We’ve spent years building up immunities, strengthening our digestive tracts, and subjecting our skin to numerous external elements. So making a change to essential oils from our readily used products, comes with little to no side effects in most cases.

But what about our kids? Their skin is still so delicate and their tummies tend to be way more sensitive than our adult digestive tracts do. While essential oils are amazing for both adults and children- you might feel as though you need a little direction when it comes to what’s okay for your little ones.

Before making any changes, it’s always a good idea to consult a physician in case your child has allergies or sensitivities to any plants or flowers that the oils are derived from. When you’re ready to start making your household a more natural environment- here’s a great list of essential oils that are wonderful for kids and infants, and what they’re used for!

1. Tea Tree Oil– This oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal. Use it on cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and burns.

2. Lavender Oil– This oil is antibacterial and anti-viral. It great for boosting immunity and soothing sunburned skin. The aroma is wonderful for calming a sleepy baby at bedtime.

3. Chamomile Oil– This oil is anti-inflammatory and works as a sedative. Use to calm a cholicy baby and to soothe an ear infection.

4. Peppermint Oil– This oil is a great stimulant and anti-pyretic (be sure to dilute well!). Use for sinus infections, cholic, and fevers.

5. Rose Oil– Use this oil to treat seasonal allergies. It anti-inflammatory and promotes relaxation.

6. Eucalyptus Oil– Great for sinus congestion and fevers. This oil anti-bacterial, anti-pyretic, and anti-viral.

7. St John’s Wort- Use to calm nerves and soothe an ear ache. This oil acts as a sedative and is also anti-bacterial.

8. Frankincense Oil– This oil is anti-bacterial. Use it for sinus infections and scrapes.

9. Sandalwood Oil– Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and a mild sedative. Use this oil for sleepless nights and sore throats.

10. Citrus Oils (Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit)- These oils are both uplifting and balancing. To energize, use a small amount. To calm and relax, use a larger amount.

Questions? Just ask! We’d be happy to help you learn more about essential oils and how to introduce them into your life!

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