Anise Star Essential Oil

Anise Star Essential Oil

Healing Properties

Anise Star oil is often confused with Anise Oil because they have such similar names, smells, and even similar properties. However, they are not the same oil. The Anise Star oil is one that is great for breathing problems such as bronchitis, coughing, colds, and congestion. The best way to use it when treating breathing problems is through a diffuser or even through a blend for inhaling. It is also great for rheumatism, colic, and treating the flu. If there is any indigestion or cramping, this oil is also a great treatment for those problems.

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The part of the plant that is used to make this oil is the seed of a plant that is native to Asia. The traditional use of this plant is to flavor foods and is considered one of the five Chinese spices. The Japanese use the bark for incense, but the seed is what is used for the oil and has also been used in Chinese medicine for many years to treat health problems such as reducing gas, aiding digestion, and even as a diuretic. One of the most well known medicines, Tamiflu, uses this as a key ingredient to help treat people for flu symptoms. Animals are drawn to the smell and it is sometimes used in animal feed because of that. This oil can also be confused with the Japanese Star Anise which is actually a poison, so always be careful when around a plant you think might be the Star Anise when using it for the essential oil.

Recent News

Some people are finding that using this oil has been shown to help ease symptoms for hot flashes during menopause. This can help with people who do not want to try and treat the hot flashes with medicine, but would rather try something a bit more natural. There are also therapists who are finding that this oil can be very helpful in treating PTS- post traumatic syndrome. Some patients find that this oil can stimulate feelings that help soften memories, making them easier to deal with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anyone who should not use this oil? While a lot of people could use this oil, there can also be situations where the oil should not be used. The standard safe guard is set in place that this oil should not be used when pregnant or breast feeding as well as using it on any young children. It can also be dangerous when used when a person has certain conditions such as alcoholism, liver disease, endometriosis, hyperplasia, damaged skin, or if there is any paracetamol use.

If I hate black licorice, will I hate this oil? Not necessarily. While this pale yellow liquid does smell strongly of black licorice, and certainly not everyone loves this smell, but the payoffs are going to make it all worth it if you are suffering.

What does this blend well with? This is a great oil to use in any blends that are going to be used to help treat digestion, muscular aches, and even pain.

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