Amyris Essential Oil

Healing Properties

Amyris Essential Oil is also referred to as West Indian Sandalwood oil. It is known to have different benefits because of its properties that have antiseptic and sedative powers. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory so it helps with health problems that have inflammation as a component, like arthritis. The scent is also great for helping to relax and calm nerves. This woody, balsamic oil has also been helpful for many people in relieving stress in general, but specifically sexual tension and irritability. It is also believed to slow the aging process and aid in skin regeneration, which is why it is often included in facial cream ingredients. It can also act as an aphrodisiac.



Amyris Essential Oil is derived from a small evergreen tree that is found in parts of Central America, the Caribbean, and Asia, but is native to Haiti. The amyris tree is very slow producing. It may grow to 12 feet, but before it produces essential oils, it will take closer to 30 years. The wood is steam distilled in order to get the oil out of it for commercial and consumer use. Many of the local fishermen in the most common producing countries of Jamaica, South America, Central America, and Haiti refer to this oil as candlewood because the wood has very high oil and resin content. The oil content is so high that people will use it as a torch, even when it is green.

The oil was first used and identified in 1986 by Kirby and Homes. They did an evaluation of the leaves microscopically. However, there have been many traditional uses of these leaves and the oil through the years for common illnesses such as influenza and diarrhea. It is also used for child birth recovery, cleaning wounds, and as a general antiseptic.

Recent News

During all of the testing that has been done to see how toxic certain oils are, Amyris Essential Oil has come up as being extraordinarily non-toxic. This does not mean though that people can just use this oil with reckless abandon, but it should make consumers rest easier when using it. It should still be diluted, but it is considered safer oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

What oils are best for blending? For blending, the best ones are cedarwood, citronella, ginger, ho wood, lavender, oakmoss, peru balsam, and ylang ylang.

Is this oil interchangeable with Sandalwood? No. While this oil may also be referred to as West Indian Sandalwood oil, it is not actually a true replacement for the Sandalwood Essential Oil. They actually have different aromas and viscosities, though many people still try to use it as a cheap substitution for the genuine Sandalwood Oil.

What does this oil really complement? Because of the nature of this oil being woody, it has a very masculine smell to it. This is great for perfumes and soaps that are aimed at the male population because of the lingering smell. It also has a small vanilla undertone to it that brings on a bit of a softer edge to the oil.

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