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The History of Soap

Who thought of soap? Where did it come from? How is it made? How exactly does it work? Sure, we know that soap will get the dirt off your body, but how does it do that? We’ve got answers.

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Lye Safety

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Halloween Recipe Roundup

Our Favorite Halloween Recipes With Halloween approaching next month, we wanted to share with you a quick roundup of some…

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All About Cocoa Butter

Well known in the food industry, cocoa butter is also a key component in cosmetic ingredients. Though it has been…

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All About Shea Butter

Loaded with vitamins, Shea butter has such a creamy, luxurious feel that it’s no wonder its popularity and demand are…

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Small Business Saturday: Never Give Up

Make money. Create your own schedule. Be your own boss. Who wouldn’t want to live this vision? Turning your hobby…

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Turning Your Hobby Into a Business

The Birth of Bulk Apothecary Picture it: Streetsboro, Ohio, 2008. A small company called Natural Essentials owned by a family…

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All About Fragrance

ol·fac·tion älˈfakSHən,ōl-/ noun technical the action or capacity of smelling; the sense of smell. The olfactory system is complex and…