Snowy Evergreen Candle Recipe

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Hey Bulkers!

Here’s another way to make a simple holiday candle in a snap.

With just a few supplies and a couple easy steps, you can make one (or several!) in no time at all. During this season everyone wants to fill their homes with fragrant reminders of the holidays, so why not save yourself the cost of buying candles (because let’s be real- we’re already spending wayyyy too much on gifts!) and make your own!

Here’s how:

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You’ll need a few supplies:

Candlewax. I used CB-Advanced Soy

Mason Jar

8″ pre-waxed candle wick


Wooden skewer

Candle Color Block– I used Green

Snowy Evergreen Fragrance Oil

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Place the wax flakes and a few color shavings in a spouted microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup. Remember, you’ll need twice the amount of dry wax. For example, if your jar holds two cups of liquid, you’ll need to melt 4 cups of wax flakes to get 2 cups of melted wax.

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Next, you’ll need to prep the jar. Since we’re melting the wax separately and then pouring it, we need to position the wick in the jar prior to pouring the wax. By doing it this way you can easily prep and pour several candles at a time- sort of like and assembly line of candles!

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To secure the disk on the wick to the bottom of the jar I use glue dots. You can also use hot glue. Place a few glue dots or a small dollop of hot glue of the bottom of the disk.

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Position the disk in the center of the bottom of the jar and press it firmly with the wooden skewer.

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Place the wooden skewer over the center of the jar opening (you may need to tape it like I did to keep it centered) and fold the excess wick over the skewer. This will help to keep the wick centered while you pour the wax.

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After melting the wax in the microwave, carefully pour it into the jar, filling the jar 3/4 of the way full, reserving the remainder of the melted wax for later in the recipe.

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Using the pipette, add the fragrance oil to the melted wax. Be sure to add a few drops to the reserved wax that you will use later (you want that to have fragrance as well). For this jar candle, use up to 1 ounce of fragrance oil.

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After allow the candle ample time to cool and set, poke 4 holes into the wax using the end of the skewer.

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Re-melt the reserved wax and carefully pour it over the top of the set candle, filling the holes and the remaining 1/4 of space in the jar. This step will prevent the center of the candle from falling as it sets so that you end up with an even surface.

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After allowing the candle to completely harden, trim the wick to 1/8 of an inch and enjoy!

Wasn’t that simple?!

This recipe is easy for making just one candle, or for making a bunch- and they make great holiday gifts!


Have fun!


Recipe: Snowy Evergreen Candle

Snowy Evergreen Candle Recipe

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