Recipe: Simple Holiday Candles

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Hey Bulkers!

Here?s a quick recipe for holiday candles that will fill your home with the sweet scents of the season. With just a few steps, this candle comes together in no time at all. AND- it can all be done in the jar- so no cleanup required!

Pretty great, right?

Scroll on down to see just how I made it!

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For this easy little candle, you?ll need:

Candlewax- I used CB-Advanced Soy

Mason Jar

8? pre-waxed candle wick

Candle Color Block– in Red

Fragrance Oil


Wooden Skewer

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For my candle I used the Hansel & Gretal fragrance oil. It smells SO SO good! Absolutely perfect for the holidays!

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When coloring a candle with a color block, you?ll need to shave off small pieces. I do this with a butter knife and it?s really easy. I didn?t use all of the shavings shown above as you only need a few for a nice, saturated color.

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Here?s the one-jar process. I have other bowls pictured here to show each ingredient on its own, but you can simply scoop the wax directly from the bag and add the shavings to the jar to eliminate dirty dishes and cleanup!

Fill the jar with wax flakes and a few color shavings and pop it in the microwave. The wax will melt to half its size, so once the jar full of wax melts, simply add more flakes and heat again until the jar is 3/4 of the way full.

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With the jar of colored wax completely melted, carefully remove the jar from the microwave (It will be hot!). Place the pre-waxed wick in the center of the jar and fold the excess over the skewer to hold in place.

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Using the pipette, add fragrance oil to the candle. For this size of candle, you can use up to 1 ounce of fragrance oil for a beautiful scent. Remember to reserve a few drops- you?ll need them later in the recipe!

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After allowing the candle to cool and set, use the end of the skewer to poke 4 holes the wax.

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Melting a small amount of wax flakes and a few shavings of the color block, add the reserved fragrance oil to the melted wax and pour over the top of the candle, filling the holes and the remaining ? of jar space. By doing this step (rather than filling the candle all the way to the top during the initial steps) you?ll prevent the candle from dropping in the center.

Once the candle is completely cooled and hardened, trim the wick to 1/8 inch.

Burn and enjoy!

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Recipe: Simple Holiday Candles

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15 thoughts on “Recipe: Simple Holiday Candles

  1. I want to start my candle making in the jar like the one on the picture. Can you give me an idea how much all together & what ingredients & container I’ll use. Also interested in soap making & fragence for men & women. thank you

    1. Hi Rosemary! The candle making ingredients and equipment are located at The amount of ingredients used depends on the size of the jar, and we recommend using our blogs as a reference for the recipes.

      For soap making you can use our melt and pour bases located at Additional equipment and additives are located at and there have many recipes located right here in our blog. We also sell many soap making books at

      A good starting range is 0.5 oz to 1 oz of fragrance oil per 3-5 pounds of wax or soap base.

      You can use the body mist base at and add 0.5 oz to 1 oz of fragrance oil per gallon the base. The fragrance oils are located at

      Happy Creating!

  2. Hello, I was curious to know what size jar y’all was using for the project. I really want to make candles of my own. Also, how do you make sure you have the right amount of coloring for the top part of the candle? Is there any measurements or no?

  3. Really looking forward to making these! When you poke the holes in the candle with the skewer, how far into the candle do you poke? Also, I’m curious what causes tunneling and how does this trick work to prevent it? Thanks!

    1. Happy to know you’re looking forward to creating something awesome! You can go as far as you’d like, but mid way is fine. This method helps any traped air pockets to be removed and filled with the wax, which reinforces any hollow points in the candle.

      Happy creating!

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