Mini Flower Pot Candle Recipe

Mini Flower Pot Candle Recipe 1

These little candles are sure to add the perfect touch of spring to any room in the house! Made in small terracotta planter pots with fresh fragrances, they’re an easy project that will fill your home with the wonderful scents and sights of spring!

What are you waiting for?! Grab your supplies!

Mini Flower Pot Candles Recipe 2

You’ll need:

Terracotta Planter Pots (any size you’d like)

Candle Wicks

Candle Wax Flakes (I used EcoSoya CB-Advanced Soy Candle Wax)

Fragrance Oil

Mini Flower Pot Candles Recipe 3

Most planter pots have an opening in the bottom that you’ll need to cover before pouring in the candle wax. Depending on the size of the pot and the size of the hole, there are a number of easy ways to do this. If the metal tab on the candle wick is larger than the hole you can secure it over the opening with hot glue (which is what I did). After I secured the tab over the opening, I piped additional hot glue around the edge of the tab to ensure that there were no gaps.

Mini Flower Pot Candles Recipe 4

If the diameter of the opening is larger than the metal tab on the candle wick, you can cover the opening by securing a coin over the opening using the hot glue gun. Another option is to cover the entire bottom on the pot with foil prior to pouring the wax.

Mini Flower Pot Candles Recipe 5

Now it’s time to prepare the wax. An easy way to determine how much wax will be needed is to fill the pot or jar with the dry wax flakes. If the pot holds 1 cup of wax flakes, you’ll need to prepare double that amount (2 cups) as the wax will yield half of the dry quantity once it is liquefied.

Heat the wax flakes using either a water bath over a burner or in the microwave using short intervals until all flakes have dissolved into a smooth liquid.

Mini Flower Pot Candles Recipe 6

When you’re ready to pour your candle wax, stabilize the wicks in the center of the candles using a wooden skewer (or something similar). Carefully fill each pot leaving 1/2 inch space at the top.

Mini Flower Pot Candles Recipe 7

Next, add the fragrance oil. A great rule of thumb for soy wax candles is to use no more than 1 oz. of fragrance oil per 1 lb. of soy wax. Using less will yield candles with a more mild scent.

Mini Flower Pot Candles Recipe 8

Trim wicks and enjoy! These blend in beautifully with spring decor and make adorable gifts for friends and family!

Happy Spring!


Mini Flower Pot Candle Recipe

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  1. Thank you for the recipe.Love the idea. I wanted to let you know that two of your links are broken. The link of the candle wicks and fragrance oil. If you could list the size of the wicks that would help those of us that are new to candle making.
    Thank you once again for the fantastic recipes.

  2. Loveeee this idea however I notice there is a hole at the bottom what will keep this from leaking or getting to hot once near the end of burning ?

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