Banana Nutbread Candles Recipe

Banana Nutbread Candles Recipe

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This time of year my home smells of all the favorite fall fragrances. I can admit it-I’m a candle addict. Like, one in every room of the house, kind of addict. Fall fragrances are my favorite because they make a home feel so warm and inviting- exactly how I like it!

Another fall favorite of mine is making my own candles. There’s no need to spend $20 on a store bought version when you can make your own in less than an hour for a fraction of the cost! It’s really so easy and with just a few supplies you can make enough to fill your entire home (and maybe give a few away).

Today I used my Banana Nutbread fragrance oil- but you can use any scent you’d like. Just follow these simple steps:

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Start by gathering your supplies. For this candle you’ll need:

Wax (I used EcoSoya CB-Advanced Soy Candle Wax)

Mason Jar

Candle Wick

Wooden Skewer

Banana Nutbread Fragrance Oil


Fill the jar with the wax flakes. You can heat this slowly by setting your oven on a low temp and placing the jar on a center rack, or by placing the jar in the microwave and heating it in short intervals. As the wax melts you’ll need to add more flakes and melt, repeating this process until the jar is full of melted wax.

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Carefully remove the jar of melted wax from the heat source using oven mitts and place on a heat resistant surface. Add the fragrance oil to the melted wax using a pipette. Typically for this size candle, I add about 8-10 pipettes of fragrance oil (also depending on the potency of the fragrance oil I’m using).

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Position the wick in the center of the candle (with the metal disc touching the bottom of the jar) and fold over the wooden skewer to support the placement while the wax hardens. Allow the candle to cool and harden completely prior to use.

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Once completely hardened, snip the wick close to the candle wax, carefully light and enjoy!

Wasn’t that simple?!

Now go make a bunch of them and enjoy how cozy your home feels when it’s filled with the scent of warm banana bread!

Mmmmm! 🙂


Banana Nutbread Candles Recipe

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