ApotheCARE phytoDEFEND Protecting Serum 1.0 fl. oz.

ApotheCARE phytoDEFEND Protecting Serum 1.0 fl. oz.
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Our advanced face care collections use precision plant extraction for targeted results. ApotheCARE Essentials PhytoDEFEND serum, boosted by bark and niacinamide, defends against photo-damage and artificial blue light while supporting the skin barrier for fresher, healthier-looking skin. This light and dewy serum leaves a velvety finish on the skin. How to use: Apply face moisturizer in the morning and evening over face and neck. DOSAGE: Use 3 drops. For best results, follow up with PhytoDEFEND SPF 30 Shield Day Face Lotion. Formulated with Persian silk tree bark and white willow bark, the PhytoDEFEND collection captures the essence of the shield of the plant - the bark - into advanced formulas to help skin defend against everyday aggressors. Included on an active level, the Persian Silk Tree Bark energizes skin to visibly reduce the signs of skin fatigue. This collection works with your skin's surface proteins and minimizes damage from daily pollutants, while restoring vitality to even the most tired skin. The re-energizing properties of the product help skin look refreshed and renewed. Purity of Nature. Progressed by Science. Precision plant extractions. We understand that every part of a plant is unique. From the bottom of the roots to the tip of a leaf, we've captured their essence and optimized formulas that contains a specific benefit for skin. Discover skin care products specially tailored to your skin's needs, from Hyaluronic Acid serum to hydrating moisturizer to facial cleanser. Each collection provides specific skin benefits thanks to our carefully selected active ingredients. Boosted by roots, leaves, and bark, and meticulously prepared.