60 oz Citronella Candle Kit

60 oz Citronella Candle Kit
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Citronella Candle Kit

Summer is starting soon and with the nice, lovely, warm weather comes so, so many bugs. If you’re trying to entertain guests or hang out with the family outside you don’t want to have to deal with a ton of pests! 

Try out this awesome kit to make a huge, 60 oz Citronella Candle of your own in a super cool galvanized pail with an estimated 75+ hour burn time. We included everything you could need to make them and instructions! What more could you ask?

This Kit Includes:

Small Kit     Large Kit
2 oz. of Citronella Essential Oil     2.25 lbs of Citronella Essential Oil
3 lbs of Soy Wax     50 lbs of Soy Wax
4 Pre-waxed CD-16 wicks     64 Pre-waxed CD-16 wicks
4 Wick Stickers     64 Wick Stickers
1 Galvanized Pail     16 Galvanized Pails



Using hot glue or wick stickers, attach 4 wicks to the bottom of the pail and space them evenly apart from each other. Allow a few moments for the glue to dry so that they will hold in place. 

Heat about two cups of soy wax at a time using either a microwave or double boiler method. Ensure that the container you use to heat up the wax is heat safe/microwave safe. 

Mix in about  oz of Citronella Essential Oil per lb of wax.

Once you have combined these, gently pour wax into the pail. 

Repeat the process of heating wax, adding fragrance, stirring, and pouring the wax gently into the pail until it is filled with 3 lbs of wax, with a little bit of space for the wick to stick out above the wax. 

To ensure that the wicks stay even as the wax hardens, use skewers or a kitchen utensil if you do not have wick holders. 

Allow 24 hours to harden fully and up to 2 weeks, if you can spare it, for your candles to cure. 

Try adding Dried Orange Slices for a unique, summery look!

*For outdoor use only*

*Orange slice not included*




Bulk Apothecary makes no claims of “expert status” and the company will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages resulting from the creation or use of this product. 

As with all products, users should test a small amount prior to normal extended use. If pregnant or suffering from illness, consult a doctor before use.