40lb. Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (Overstock)

Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
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Overstock Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (as low as $1.99 / lb when using coupon code 15off250 at checkout)

This product is at its "Best By Date" (Sept. 2021) which is why it is being sold in clearance at a discounted price.  As always, our team does inspect these lots and everything smells and looks just like Extra Virgin Coconut Oil should. 

Coconut oil is high in saturated fats making it a very stable oil that can often last for months or years after the "best by date" if stored properly.  

Consequently it should perform the same as always in cosmetic applications.  That said, since it's so close to it's best by date and we have a large amount of overstock, we are selling it in our clearance section for a significant discount.  We only have 45,000 lbs. packed in 5 gallon pails at this price so we expect it to sell very fast. 


Many lots like this sell in as little as a day so act fast if you are interested.