3oz. Roll on Bottles, balls and caps (Bag of 50) - $.49 per set

3 oz rollon bottles
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Our bottles are BPA free and are made of PET plastic.

12 Reviews

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    Bottle does just what I want - when empty - answer

    Posted by T J Gray on 14th May 2015

    Bottle is great and easy to assemble. Question on popping out the ball when empty. Probably can't do that but you don't need to. Just invert the bottle into a solution and squeeze it creating a vacuum. Release the pressure and it will draw the substance back int the bottle. Won't be able to fill the bottle more than about half full, but you can still re-use it. For customers, you could still sell a refill container for them to reactivate their original roll on. Thick substances may not work. You could thin the refill so it will work. They don't know the consistency of your original roll on, so price the refill accordingly and you will not be cheating them. Don't tell them how easy the bottle assembles or they might not need you any more. LOL

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    Reliable savings

    Posted by Unknown on 11th May 2015

    Best price for this product. Always timely processing. Thank you!!

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    In a few words, please title your review

    Posted by Your Name on 28th May 2013

    This bottle works really well for lotions & oils & is easy to assemble. I'm just curious about being able to pop the ball back out after the bottle is empty.