3 - Wick Scented Candles (Highly Fragrant) Corporate Gift

3 - Wick Scented Candles (Highly Fragrant) Corporate Gift
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3-Wick Candles

We'll add your logo to make an amazing gift to represent your company! Unlike most corporate gift candles which are small and have a short lifespan, our Large Country Candles are 14 oz. and have a burn time of up to 45 hours! This ensures that your logo will be displayed and noticed for long periods of time!

We'll make the process simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Choose your product, quantity, and one of the label designs
  • Step 2: You'll receive an email connecting you to one of our graphic designers
  • Step 3: Send your logo to our Graphics Department. Email our graphic designers at with your logo and order number.
  • Step 4: Allow 1-2 business days for our graphic designers to add your logo to the chosen design. They will then email you a digital proof for approval.
  • Step 5: Once you receive your digital proof from us, please respond with your “approval to print.”
  • Step 6: Sit back and relax. After we receive your approval, please allow 5-10 business days for us to print your labels and label your product.

If you are looking for a completely custom label, please see our Custom Label page

Our 3 wick candles come in a beautiful clear glass jar with silver hammered lid.  Each candle is 14oz with a pure white soy blend wax with three wicks for a fast melt, nice wax pool and great throw that is perfect for mid to large size rooms.  We currently have 30 amazing scents to choose from. Reusable & recyclable, all of our scents have a clean burn for up to 45 hours.  We use lead-free cotton wicks and each candle is highly fragrant to make sure they are comparable to large well-known brands at a fraction of the price.  Highly fragrant, the scent will last the life of the candle. 

These candles do have bottom label with the fragrance type but don't include any reference to Bulk Apothecary. All of our candles are crafted right here in the USA to ensure quality and consistency in every jar.  

Our Wholesale, Ready to Private Label Candles Have a Recommended Retail of up to $24.95...Our products are similar in size and quality to BBW in our opinion.

Our Wholesale Unlabeled Candles come in 30 amazing scents:

Apple Cider Donut Candle - Our Apple Cider Donut is infused with spice-sweet cider notes and a lavish dusting of sweet cinnamon. Best of all, this guilty pleasure is 100% calorie-free!  

Aqua Candle - Bright citrus, marine and bergamot notes blend with musk and sandalwood for a fresh, expansive union.

Autumn Amber Candle - Woodsy notes mingle with the sweet and tart apple accords on a crisp autumn morning.

Balsam Fir Candle - Balsam is the traditional tree of Christmas, and our goal was a true, botanically-accurate woodland fragrance evoking cold winter air and fresh-cut boughs. We believe we’ve really hit the mark. 

Cashmere & Cocoa Candle - We spun this wooly soft scent and imagined the creamiest cocoa ever.

Cherry Blossom Candle - Our Cherry Blossom is a lively and authentic botanical fragrance, celebrating the renewal of spring with a promise of luscious tart/sweet fruits to come.

Christmas Candle - A festively-decorated tree by the fire, fragrant evergreen wreaths by the window and a winter chill in the air. This is the fragrance of the holiday that is awaited eagerly all year. 

Cozy Cabin Candle - Brown sugar, vanilla bean and warm cinnamon accords embrace rich wood notes as a smoky inkling adds the perfect finish. Cozy Cabin is sure to give anyone a serious case of the snuggles.

Cozy Christmas Candle - Cozy evergreen forests of pine, firs, spruce & cedars make up the landscape of this rich, robust and spirited scent.

Far, Far Away Candle - Far, Far Away yields cheerful citrus top notes with abundant botanicals and an exotic wood base full of mystery.

Fiji Candle - Indulge in this floral fruit medley as water orchid, green coconut, kiwi blossom and Tahitian vanilla are touched with accents of pineapple, frangipani and amber.

French Lavender Candle - Discover the idyll of Provence’s purple meadows in our calming French Lavender, sure to help take you away from the stresses of the day. 

Fresh Lilac Candle - A soft, magical floral recalling the very essence of springtime, our delicate Fresh Lilac is simple, pure and honest.

Frosted Cranberry Candle - A festive treat that is crisp and tart with a sweet surprise.

Gold and Cashmere Candle - This warm fragrance boasts of sweet citrus, creamy vanilla & musk, maple and sandalwood for a very dreamy soft scent.  

Grey Candle - Sophisticated to the max, Grey brings together a confident blend of citrus, florals, exotic woods and musk. Undertones of vanilla and Tonka bean provide an elegant base.

Hot Chocolate Candle - Our Hot Chocolate is deep, rich and filled with true cocoa goodness - perfect for warming your winter!

Kitchen Spice Candle - A blissful blend of spice and everything nice.  Scent notes include  Cinnamon Bark, Sandalwood  Bay Leaves, Sweet  Cedar, Cinnamon, Spice

Over the Rainbow Candle - Sun-sweet watermelon together with notes of ripe cantaloupe and watery honeydew sprinkled with sea salt crystals accented by ozone-infused island greens.  

Peony Candle - Notoriously difficult to replicate, we’ve found the delightful sweet and lively essence of these lavish pink blossoms. 

Rose all Day Candle - A bright and bubbly bouquet of citrus and floral accords, finished with airy and sweet champagne notes.  

Rosemary Lemon Candle - Lavish lemon finds its fragrant soulmate when matched with savory rosemary. 

Snow Capped Frasier Candle - Crisp, bright and fresh airy notes accent the authentic botanical fir tree base. Hints of warm amber and moss further enrich the senses.  

Spellbound Candle - A bounty of sweet fruit and citrus accords encounter floral counter notes with an exotic musk foundation. Certain to captivate your senses!

Spiced Apple Candle - Brings together bubbling baked apple, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon notes with a gentle of vanilla. We were searching for the ultimate apple pie aroma and achieved a result we still can’t stop enjoying.  

Stardust Candle - Stardust is a heavenly constellation of bold florals, warm amber and musky woods.   

Vanilla Cone Candle - Buttery-rich, this vanilla adds a sweet gourmand note for extra depth and intrigue.  

Warm Cotton Candle - Light citrus/fresh notes, gentle florals and traces of musk unite to create the ultimate warm cocooning fragrance.

Watercolors Candle - The essence of approaching summer. We combined lavish floral notes and sweet fruit accords with a just-right counterpoint of sandalwood and musk to create this masterwork.  


Jars measure 3⅝"H x 4"D (12½"Circumference)