Calendula Soap Recipe

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This soap is simply gorgeous.

And easy.

Which makes it even prettier, right?

I mean, it basically resembles a fancy pastry that you would find in some delicious French bakery while on a European holiday. Or at least that’s what I think. 🙂

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The process is so basic even the most novice soap maker will feel right at home mixing it up in their kitchen- which is amazing being as it makes such a statement as a finished product. The end result in no way looks like it was an easy project, so be ready to impress everyone 🙂

You’ll need:

3 cups of grated Rebatch Soap Base

Calendula Flowers

1/2 cup Water

1 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil

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How beautiful are Calendula petals? The color is just perfect for a summer soap. They add a light, summery fragrance to the mix so there’s no need for additional scents.

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Using a double boiler (or similar set-up like I did here), melt the grated soap over medium heat.

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Add in the water at the beginning of the melting process. This will add the moisture back into the rebatched soap and help create a smooth, silky texture as it melts down.

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Continue stirring over medium heat until you’ve reached the consistency of mashed potatoes.

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Once you’ve reached the thick, smooth consistency it’s time to stir in your additives. I started with the Vitamin E Oil and blended it in with my wooden spoon.

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Now fold in the Calendula petals.

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Carefully remove the soap mixture from the heat source and scoop it into your soap mold. Here, I used a silicone rectangular mold for individual soaps.

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Rather than partially filling the spaces for more bars, I used just four spaces and stacked the mixture heavily on top. I love the way they look from the side, all piled high with the rustic looking mixture.

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Just gorgeous.

So pretty you might have a hard time convincing people you made them yourself!

It can be our secret just how easy they were 🙂

Calendula Soap Recipe

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  1. Is there something else I could use instead of ordering this rebatch soap to get the same consistency? Would I be able to grate an oatmeal, shea/cocoa butter or Goats milk and still get the same affect? (Very new to soap making!)

    Thank you!

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