Pineapple Swirl Soap Recipe 1

Hey Bulkers!

Here’s an easy recipe for beautiful, summery sweet soaps- perfect for the season!

The swirl happens on its own when the two soaps are poured together, resulting in pretty swirling designs that look unique in each bar. Easy and impressive!

Scented with pineapple fragrance oil, you’ll have sweet smelling sun-kissed skin all summer long!

Pineapple Swirl Soap Recipe 2

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 lbs. Goat Milk MP Soap Base, cubed

1 lb. Aloe MP Soap Base, cubed

Pineapple Slice Fragrance Oil

Silicone Loaf Soap Mold

Yellow Soap Color

Clear Cello Bags (optional)

Pineapple Swirl Soap Recipe 3

Begin by melting the goat milk soap base into liquid form. I place my cubed soap base in a microwave-safe bowl and heat using short intervals and stirring in between until the base has melted into a smooth, even liquid.

To scent the base, I used 1 teaspoon of fragrance oil. You can adjust this amount to suit your preferences, but this amount resulted in a light, sweet smell- exactly what I was looking for!

Pineapple Swirl Soap Recipe 4

Carefully pour the prepared base into the loaf pan and set aside.

Pineapple Swirl Soap Recipe 5

Next, melt down the aloe base using the same method listed above. For this amount, I used a little less than a half teaspoon.

Pineapple Swirl Soap Recipe 6

Stir in the soap color making the mixture as light or as dark as you’d like. You can also use a different color if you don’t want to use yellow.

Pineapple Swirl Soap Recipe 7

Here’s where the swirling happens!

SLOWLY pour the yellow soap mixture into the white soap. The white soap base will still be in liquid form so the two soaps will not layer, but rather swirl into one another. You’ll see it begin to swirl and mix, creating its own design as you pour.

Pineapple Swirl Soap Recipe 8

Allow the soap to cool and harden completely (several hours) before releasing the block from the mold. With the silicone molds you simply turn the mold over, press along the edges and in the center and pop the block out. Super easy!

Using a straight soap cutter, slice the block into even bars. Every bar will look slightly different with unique variations- SO pretty!

Package in clear cello bags so that everyone can admire your beautiful work!




Pineapple Swirl Soap Recipe